The Venus Factor – Why It Works

There are weight loss program and there is “the” weight loss program. Ultimately, the latter will refer to the one that actually works for you. If you are one of the millions who are looking for a program that will satisfy your own personal quest towards maximum weight loss, The Venus Factor is one that is worth looking into.


What is The Venus Factor?

The Venus factor is a 12-week complete weight loss program that combines the metabolism enhancing effects of a particular diet and a selection of exercises that you can perform in a gym or at home.

The diet and exercise routines are specifically designed to maximize the fat burning capabilities of the hormone, leptin.Happy motivated woman on a scale

The Venus factor was conceived by John Barban, who had been a consultant for one of the top weight loss supplement companies in the country.

After years of studying female metabolism, he stumbled upon what he terms as a shocking and ground breaking discovery that made him decide to go on a personal quest to help women all over the world attain their weight loss dreams.

From here on, the question of how to lose weight fast for women will be answered by leptin hormones and their potential to produce impressive weight loss benefits through a program called, The Venus factor.

The Venus factor program, complete with the video instructions, is downloadable online.

Does The Venus Factor work?

The Venus Factor reviews reveal that so many women have tried the program and are already enjoying regained confidence and self-esteem from their very successful weight loss personal journeys but, let’s not just rest the program’s merits on that.

A successful weight loss program relies on several factors.


You don’t really need to have a team of scientists to come up with a great scientific discovery. If you go back to American History 101, you will remember that Christopher Columbus only needed to be at the sea, fuelled by passion, to stumble upon one of the greatest nations to this date.

In the case of John Barban, he’s been in the weight loss industry working on the subject of female metabolism long enough to have stumbled upon a weight loss secret. The operative word there is the humbling choice of using “stumbled” over “discovered”.

It’s no surprise that it was John Barban who stumbled upon The Venus Program because he had a genuine motivation to work hard at it. He had to do it for his sister who was suffering from extreme over weight.


We all know that body weight has something to do with how slow and fast one’s metabolism is. Tracing the roots of metabolism rates to a particular hormone has been the center of most scientific studies.

Hormonal effects on metabolism best explains why some people can eat so much and be so skinny while others eat so little and be so big. Hormones are what give instructions to the body on what it has to do. The fate of fats, to store or burn, is just one of them.

So in if the question is whether John Barban’s theory of triggering the hormone leptin to burn body fat is logical or not, the secret to maximum weight loss is definitely controlled by a hormone and, it could be leptin.


Weight_Loss_and_Related_005If you watched the “Biggest Loser” you’ll see remarkable actual weight loss journeys but, not everyone can go through what the contestants’ have gone through unless you quit your job and subject yourself to 24 hour weight loss management.

The Venus Factor Diet is very attainable because it is not a deprivation diet. It does not require you to go deep into the jungles of the Amazon in search for exotic herbs. The Venus Factor Diet only gives you a list of the right and wrong foods to eat, at their perfect timing, to place your leptin hormones in overdrive to burn fats like crazy.

The Venus Factor Workout consists of easy exercises that you can do at home.

The promise of The Venus Factor program is attainable because all the factors involved, diet and exercise, are doable.


This is not just a collection of weight loss tips for women that may or may not work.

The Venus Factor is a very definite program that has a straight cause and effect guarantee. There are no allowances for program failure.

The weight loss program is served straight, if you follow these sets of instructions, you can expect these results.

This is the most important element in a weight loss program.

Women have already lost so much hope and time listening to weight loss advocacies that lack commitment and conviction. Every minute spent just trying is agonizing both in flesh and spirit.

If women can only speak up in unison, they’ll say, “Stop saying you may have the answer; just speak up when you can say that you definitely have the answer!”


Most weight loss fail because there are no support groups that keep you on track. Weight loss is a difficult journey because it entails a lot of hoping with the possibility of frustration and disappointment. Women’s hope reserves go down to almost empty every time a weight loss program fails.

The Venus Factor program comes with an index podcast to allow you to share your experiences and be motivated by others who are taking the same journey with you.

Register: The Venus Factor

You can start losing weight right away by registering in The Venus Factor straight from their website.

What used to be $698.99 is now for a very special offer of $47. John Barban used to charge supplement companies $500 an hour of his time.  But for you, he is willing to share his life’s work for only $47.

Short Video from an Enthusiastic Woman

All major credit cards are accepted including Paypal through the website’s secured online payment system.

It only takes 12 weeks to change your life forever. Register in The Venus Factor and start your own personal journey to successful weight loss today.

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